tBT Articles

ABCT’s journal, The Behavior Therapist, has published many articles with valuable advice and guidance for students and professionals at all stages. Below is a selection of articles that may be especially useful to undergraduate students.

The below articles can be accessed directly on the ABCT website at the following link: https://www.abct.org/journals/the-behavior-therapist-journal/. Click the “Access” button under any year to access the “Search the Library” function. You can then search for the below articles by author to locate and download the relevant issue of The Behavior Therapist.

Graduate School in Psychology: General

Actively Assessing Fit When Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Clinical/Counseling Psychology: The Applicant’s Perspective, Reynolds, Sargeant, Rooney, Tashiro & Lejuez

The Graduate School Experience: Academic and professional opportunities and Challenges Within Psychology Doctoral Programs , Canna, Blanchard, Friedenberg & Block

Student Forum: Special Series

  • The Graduate School Experience: Academic and Professional Opportunities and Challenges Within Psychology Doctoral Programs
  • Planning: The Key to Success in Graduate School
  • Pop Tarts are Not a Food Group and Right Clicking is Not Exercise: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Transition to Graduate School
  • The Dissertation
  • The Predoctoral Clinical Internship: Applying, Interviewing, and Making the Most of the Year
  • The Graduate School Experience: One Faculty Member’s Experience

Career Paths

Introduction to the Forensics Issue, Tafrate & White

Clinical Psychology at Liberal Arts Colleges (see p. 135) Stroud, Sheets, Shih, Schofield & Friedman-Wheeler

Professional Development

The Academic Job Market: Advice from the Front Lines (see p. 39), Wells, Schofield, Clerkin & Sheets

Professional Challenges Facing African American Psychologists: The Presence and Impact of Racial Microaggressions, Delapp & Williams

Psychologists’ and Trainees’ Perceptions of the Future of Clinical Psychology Prinstein, Fox, Guan, Arthur & Gur

Students: Ten Benefits Offered to You from ABCT (see p. 106), Pasillas, Klinkebiel & Sherman

Tips on Writing National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship Proposals from Real NRSA Reviewers (see p. 160), Siegle, Johnson, Everhart & Newton

Women in ABCT: Where did we come from? Where are we now? And where do we go from here? Sockol, McGinn & Newman

Graduate Programs: Specific Programs

Clinical Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Hynan

The Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Hansen, Nelson, DiLillo & Hope

Florida State University at Panama City: Master’s Program in Psychology With a Specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis (see p. 70), Murphy

Master’s Programs in Behavior Therapy (see p. 123), Evans, Timmins, Ward, Carr, Evans, Henriques, Miltenberger, Rokke, Williams, Kohn & Dagenbach

Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System: FAQs & Facts (see p. 11), McFall