tBT Articles

ABCT’s journal, The Behavior Therapist, has published many articles with valuable advice and guidance for students and professionals at all stages. Below is a selection of articles that may be especially useful to undergraduate students.

Graduate School in Psychology: General

Actively Assessing Fit When Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Clinical/Counseling Psychology: The Applicant’s Perspective, Reynolds, Sargeant, Rooney, Tashiro & Lejuez

The Graduate School Experience: Academic and professional opportunities and Challenges Within Psychology Doctoral Programs , Canna, Blanchard, Friedenberg & Block

Student Forum: Special Series

  • The Graduate School Experience: Academic and Professional Opportunities and Challenges Within Psychology Doctoral Programs
  • Planning: The Key to Success in Graduate School
  • Pop Tarts are Not a Food Group and Right Clicking is Not Exercise: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Transition to Graduate School
  • The Dissertation
  • The Predoctoral Clinical Internship: Applying, Interviewing, and Making the Most of the Year
  • The Graduate School Experience: One Faculty Member’s Experience

Career Paths

Introduction to the Forensics Issue, Tafrate & White

Clinical Psychology at Liberal Arts Colleges (see p. 135) Stroud, Sheets, Shih, Schofield & Friedman-Wheeler

Professional Development

The Academic Job Market: Advice from the Front Lines (see p. 39), Wells, Schofield, Clerkin & Sheets

Professional Challenges Facing African American Psychologists: The Presence and Impact of Racial Microaggressions, Delapp & Williams

Psychologists’ and Trainees’ Perceptions of the Future of Clinical Psychology, Prinstein, Fox, Guan, Arthur & Gur

Students: Ten Benefits Offered to You from ABCT (see p. 106), Pasillas, Klinkebiel & Sherman

Tips on Writing National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship Proposals from Real NRSA Reviewers (see p. 160), Siegle, Johnson, Everhart & Newton

Women in ABCT: Where did we come from? Where are we now? And where do we go from here? Sockol, McGinn & Newman

Graduate Programs: Specific Programs

Clinical Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Hynan

The Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Hansen, Nelson, DiLillo & Hope

Florida State University at Panama City: Master’s Program in Psychology With a Specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis (see p. 70), Murphy

Master’s Programs in Behavior Therapy (see p. 123), Evans, Timmins, Ward, Carr, Evans, Henriques, Miltenberger, Rokke, Williams, Kohn & Dagenbach

Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System: FAQs & Facts (see p. 11), McFall