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Career Opportunities with a BA in Psychology

by Yifat Levenstein

What can I do with a bachelor degree in Psychology?

There are many opportunities for individuals with a BA in psychology. If you want to take some time off before applying to graduate school, or if you are not planning to go to graduate school, here are some great career options to consider when looking for a job:

Community Relations Officer: works either for business or government in promoting good relations with the local community.

Affirmative Action Officer: works for recruitment and equal opportunities for minorities; employed by business, industries, schools and government.

Recreation Worker: plans and supervises community recreation facilities.

Urban Planning Officer: deals with city planning, renewal.

Personnel Administrator: works with employee relations, selection, promotions, etc.

Advertising copywriter: researches audience and media, writes text of advertisements.

Media Buyer: researches product and audiences to select most effective media for advertising.

Health Educator: gives public information about health and disease.

Vocational Rehabilitation: counsels persons with handicaps and illnesses in preparation for new vocations (some states require an M.A. degree for this position).

Psychiatric Assistant: administers routine tests, helps with patients under supervision of psychiatrist.

Director of Volunteer Service: responsible for volunteers–recruits, supervises, trains, and evaluates volunteers.

Public Statistician: collects and interprets data on health and disease and community relations.

Customs Inspector: serves at international borders and airports in investigations and inquiries.

Probation and Parole Officer: persons with psychology backgrounds are often preferred for such positions, especially with adolescent parolees.

Newspaper Reporter: social science, psychological interest areas.

Technical Writer: researches and writes material dealing with social science and psychological knowledge for magazines, newspapers and journals.

Sales Representative: major publishers of psychological books often seek out undergraduates with psychology majors for these positions on college campuses.

Opinion Survey Researcher: does opinion polls and interprets results.

Daycare Center Supervisor: supervises and coordinates activities of preschool children with working parents.

Research Assistant: assists in the collection and analysis of data for major investigations. Positions usually available only in large hospitals, businesses, and government.

Laboratory Assistant: psychology background preferred for students working with animal behavior research, especially primate laboratories.

Scientific Instrument Salesperson: opportunities in sales and development for companies specializing in psychology apparatus.

Victim Advocate: supports victims or witnesses of a crime and ae involved in trail proceeding.

Crisis Advocate: Working at women’s shelters providing resources and support for women and children who are victims of abuse.